How creating a complex network from social media data could be an alternative to contact tracing with unique benefits.


Recently, the term “contact tracing” has become commonplace when discussing solutions for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In a nutshell, whenever you’re near someone else who has the feature activated, your phone will receive a code from the other person’s device and keep it stored for a while — usually 14 days, as it can take up to that amount of time for symptoms to show.

If the person in question tests positive for the virus, the hospital or institution responsible for the tests will upload the person’s codes to a public list, which everyone’s phone has access to. …

Using interactive visualizations to better understand how variables such as income and education affect a country’s reception of the pandemic.


The coronavirus pandemic has been a very common topic for data science posts on platforms like Medium ever since it first became a thing. Visualizing data related to important topics like this in the form of graphs is usually a great way to get a better grasp of the situation.

However, when studying a topic, especially if it’s as complicated as this one, one figure is usually not enough, and you might want to plot the same figure across different target variables as well. So, instead of doing that, in this post, we’ll be going over how to use Plotly…

How analyzing Discord messaging data can give valuable insights regarding social media behavior and social groups.


When browsing the internet, social media is basically unavoidable. Pretty much everyone uses at least one social media platform for a multitude of reasons and they often represent a significant part of a person’s social life.

It’s for that exact reason that analyzing behavioral data in social media platforms is a great way to get insights about people, and, even more so, about groups. And in social media platforms based around chatting, those group insights become even more apparent.

For that reason, I’ll be showing how to get your hands on Discord, messaging data and prepare it for analysis, as…

If you want to work with text data from your discord servers, a simple bot is the best way to go.


In this day and age, applications that make use of text analysis are everywhere from your typical e-mail spam filter to chatbots capable of making enough sense out of messages that they can even respond to them.

There’s a lot of possibilities regarding text processing, but whatever it is that you might want to do, you’ll need data to do it. And, while that data can come from pretty much anywhere, if you’re after text data that represents how people talk on the daily, you need to look no further than to social media.

Some social media platforms like WhatsApp…

At this point, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen more than our fair share of news about COVID-19, as well as graphs that show how the number of cases has been increasing or decreasing in recent times. The latter provides us with tools to see for ourselves how the situation has been evolving since the start of the year and to make estimates as to when it will end.

But there’s another type of graph that should be getting just as much attention. That type consisting of graphs that present how society is reacting to the pandemic…

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